“Your workstations, ready for use”

Infrastructure of power & data, smart, safe, modular, Plug-and-play

Professional setup

Moving to a new location? Renovating your office? Hiring new staff? We’ll see that your workstations have all the power and data connection points you need. We’ll install the software, the hardware, and all the necessary accessories. That includes smart cable management, innovative furniture modifications, and ergonomic products made to measure.

Order – on, and under, the desks

Let us know how you’ll be using your office space. We’ll make sure that your staff can work safely and without fuss. We’ll advise you ahead of time, come up with smart solutions during the project, and arrange a smooth handover to your IT department when we’re done. That way, they can make any changes or carry out internal relocations themselves – quickly and easily.

We take care of everything

We do our work when it’s most convenient for you. We can work in the evenings, at night, or on weekends. Our project plan will tell you in advance what we intend to do. When we’re finished, your workstations will be clean, tidy, and ready to go. Your staff can get right to work the very next morning.

Our clients

Our products

There are hundreds of monitor arms on the market – and thousands of power sockets. Which one should you buy? We have more than twenty years of experience setting up workstations. We know all the pros and cons of every product marketed by the better-known manufacturers and suppliers. And when it comes to accessories such as spiral wrapping for cables, floor ducts or power/data poles, you can count on our made-to-measure advice and products.
Here you find our sellection of products we know very well.

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We specialize in

Advising clients

  • Project plan
  • The right products
  • Ergonomics
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Organizing projects

  • Certified staff
  • Smart, skilled solutions
  • Turnkey service
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Assembly and installation

  • Hardware, power and data
  • Cable management
  • Modifications
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About Mijnwerkplek

What annoys us most? Glossy brochures by office furniture companies with their neat and tidy desks. We know that the wires and cables have been clipped off or Photoshopped away entirely. At MIJNWERKPLEK, we have transformed that annoyance into our passion.

The connection between facilities services and IT

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Our clients

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Our staff

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